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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

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All new students joining the College are guided through a comprehensive Orientation and Induction programme. This is done to ensure that new students are aware and made familiar with their campus for ease of access to facilities and services. It is also important for every student to understand and know what is required for one to succeed in College studies before commencing with the studies.


ORBIT TVET College recognises that as students you are faced with various challenges that might affect you academic performance. The College makes efforts to engage with relevant providers to assist you in overcoming challenges you may be faced with. Of course you have to champion your own course, that is to inform the Student Support Officers or your lecturers about the challenges you may be facing that may affect your academic progress and success negatively.

There are life skills programmes offered to students who wish to strengthen their coping skills. Check your notice boards for these workshops. Topics covered in the workshops include: Goal setting, Decision-making, Relationships and Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


"A healthy body brings a healthy mind", as a young person it is important to take care of your health. The College will support you in keeping a healthy mind and body.

• Wellness Peer Mentors (WPMs)

WPM's are selected in class and trained to facilitate lessons and assist their fellow class mates to reach out for help. This is an exciting

programme that will empower students with critical life skills to navigate their way through life. It touches on HIV, Relationships etc.

• Mobile Clinic

A mobile clinic visits each campus, at least once a term. The mobile clinic provides professional nurses who can deal with all you primary     
          health care matters. Check with your campus SSS officers for the mobile clinic dates.

• HEAIDS Activations

These activations are done in collaboration with HEAIDS in an effort to address and encourage positive healthy lifestyle.


ORBIT College provides a wide variety of activities through which students can participate. Sports & Recreation, as well as Arts & Cultural programmes are an integral part of the student life and success at the College.

• Arts and Culture Activities

Students can be involved with the following programmes at the Campuses: Poetry, Drama and Performing arts, Choral music. ORBIT College
         made history by participate in the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Our student participated in the 1st CoSSA Arts and Culture        
         competitions 2016 and they won Silver and bronze medals in poetry and pantsula dance respectively.

• Sports and Recreation Activities

ORBIT College has eight active sporting codes. The male Soccer team is currently participating in the SAFA 2nd Division League. The Cricket
         Team is playing in the North West Cricket League. The active sporting codes include: Soccer (Male and Female), Netball (Female), Volleyball        (Male and Female), Basketball (Male and Female), Chess (Male and Female), Table Tennis (Male and Female), Rugby (Male) and Cricket               (Male).


Students with academic potential and in need of financial assistance are eligible to apply for bursaries. Through the DHET TVET College Bursary Scheme, administered by National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), students enrolled for NC(V) and Report 191 NATED Programmes may apply for financial assistance. Bursaries are awarded to deserving students who show academic potential and attend 80% classes.

A College bursary is also available for students who may not qualify for the DHET TVET College Bursary Scheme. Information on how to apply for Financial Assistance is available at the Student Support Centre


ORBIT TVET College believes in grooming and preparing young leaders for the future. Various training and development programmes concerning leadership are held at different times and for different student leaders, such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Wellness Peer Mentors (WPM) and Peer Academic Leadership (PAL) Training Programmes.

ORBIT TVET college SRC is elected through a democratic free and fair process, all students are encouraged to participate in the election process. An independent elections officer conducts the SRC elections for the college, this is done to promote a free and f

Rustenburg Campus Name:	Ms Mmathapedi Mahila Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Social Tel:	(014) 597 5560 E-mail:	mmahila@rustenburgcampus.co.za Mankwe Campus Name:	Ms Mapula Ramokgadi Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Social Tel:	(014) 555 2900 E-mail:	mramokgadi@mankwecampus.co.za Brits Campus Name:	Mr Paul Tekana Occupation:Student Support  Officer Social Tel: (012) 381 5700 E-mail:	ptekana@britscampus.co.za