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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

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During the pre-entry and entry phase into ORBIT TVET College, students are assisted to make informed choices about the right programmes for the career interest. This is done through the information sharing sessions, the post-CAP assessments career guidance sessions.


The Competency and placement (CAP) Assessment is administered by the SSS to first-time students at ORBIT College. The test is not a pass or fail test. Rather it is part of the process to guide prospective students in choosing the right programme. Results for the CAP assessment assist in identifying students who will require further interventions for their numerical and literacy competency.


Top-achiever students are identified and trained to lead peer-study groups. The Peer Academic Leadership (PAL) development programme empowers students with academic leadership skills to enhance their ability to study and assist their class-mates. PAL sessions are held after classes during the times agreed upon by the study groups.


After completing their studies, final-year students are assisted to find opportunities in business and industry where they can gain work-experience. Internships through collaborations with various partners, such as the SETAs are also organised. Graduates are also assisted to apply for permanent placement in entry-level jobs with business and industry. Job-readiness programmes are also organised that students can better equip themselves in their search for jobs.


With the current emphasis towards developing small and medium and micro enterprise (SMMEs) initiatives, final-year students are provided with opportunities to develop entrepreneurial opportunities. Some have gone on to develop their business ideas. One student from Brits Campus successfully enrolled for a six-month entrepreneurship training with the Raymond Ackerman Academy based at the University of Johannesburg. Such initiatives provide College graduates with more options to become economically productive.

The college now has a centre for entrepreneurship, which will assist with grooming more entrepreneurs for our country.


Final-year students who complete their studies with minimum entry requirements are assisted and guided to apply for studies in Higher Education Institutions. ORBIT TVET College supports the college graduates to pursue the study opportunities at Universities in their chosen fields of study.


Towards the end of the study period, details of final-year students are placed in a database. Graduates are later traced to establish their progress. Through the Alumni Association, graduates hold re-union and networking functions. This gives them an opportunity to stay in touch with each other and developments at the College.

Rustenburg Campus Name:	Ms Louise Marais Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Academic Tel:	(014) 597 5568 E-mail:	lmarais@rustenburgcampus.co.za Mankwe Campus Name:	Ms Rose Modiba Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Academic Tel:	(014) 555 2900 E-mail:	rmodiba@mankwecampus.co.za Brits Campus Name:	Ms S Sebogodi Occupation:Student Support  Officer Academic Tel: Tel: (012) 381 5700 E-mail:	info@britscampus.co.za