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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

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Tel: (014) 555 2900 • Fax: (014) 555 2941 • e-mail: info@mankwecampus.co.za Private Bag X1014 MOGWASE 0314 MANKWE CAMPUS CAMPUS MANAGEMENT Ms W Molapi Acting Campus Manager Vacant Academic Programmes  Coordinator Mr M Phefo Head of  Administration Mr LS Moruthane HoD Report 191 Engineering Studies Mr N Raphunga HoD Artisan Development & Partnerships Ms N Mogwera Acting HoD   Report 191  Business & Utility  Studies Mr I Mokwena HoD Fundamentals Mr AB Meetseme Business Management,  Science and  General Studies Ms T Lowings HoD  Hospitality and  Tourism Vacant HoD  Engineering & Related Design Mr M Mathebe  HoD  Electrical Infrastructure  Construction Ms D Senwamadi Student Support  Officer Academic Ms M Ramokgadi Student Support  Officer Social Vacant  HoD  Hospitality  Training Centre