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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

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Mr T Mokale

Support Staff  Representative


Mr DF Mokoena Principal

Dr K Molantoa

College Council Chairperson

Mr SM Letsoalo

Academic Board Representative

Mr B Bogopa

Deputy Chairperson College Council

Chairperson of Finance Committee

Mr PM Magolego

Chairperson of Condition of Employment  Sub-committee

Donor Appointee

Ms A Tawana

SRC President

Mr MS Ramaru

Lecturing Staff Representative

Mr TC Dubazana

College Council Member

Ms MG Mathye

Chairperson of Planning & Resources Committee

Ms HM Lefophane

Ministerial Appointee

Mr R Singh

Additional Member Appointee

Ms P Mohajane

SRC Secretary

Ms APC Mangoma

Chairperson of Audit & Risk Committee