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The Department of Higher Education & Training has established mobile App where students can download previous examination question papers for Report 191 (Nated) and NCV programmes.  To access the papers, please download the App on google play store (for android) or app store (for apple) to your phone link as follows: 2019 TVET Exam papers App


If your were not able to collect the STSA Tourism assignment from the Campus, please ensure that you download it from the link provided below. The assignment is due for submission when college reopen.

NB- It is important that you complete the assignment as it will contribute towards your year-end ICASS mark: Assignment Paper


National Certificate (Vocational) NQF Level 2 - 4: Engineering Studies

*  Carpentry and Roof Work NC(V) Level 2:  Topic 2 Roof Construction

*  Construction Planning NC(V) Level 2:  Topic 3 Foundation

*  Mathematics NC(V) Level 4:  Lesson 2 Application of Differentiation - Rates of Change

*  Mathematics NC(V) Level 4:  Lesson 3 Application of Differentiation - Cubic graphs

*  Mathematics NC(V) Level 4:  Lesson 4 - Integration Rules (Part 1)

*  Mathematics NC(V) Level 4:  Lesson 5 - Integration (Part 2)

Report 191 N4 - N6

*  Jewellery Design & Manufacture N4: Drawing of a 3 Dimension Box


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